Best Fitness Power Rack Review (BFPR100)

This is the most powerful strength training machine on the market today. These power racks are simple and very easy to use.Most importantly, the product is highly affordable. Now I will share with you the best fitness power rack review .

In addition to that, you would have confidence using that, as the safety of the user is highly guaranteed. It is perfect for anybody who wants to achieve a workout. Even though it is affordable, it does not mean that it is inferior. It is designed with 14-gauge steel, and because of that, it can take up to 500 lbs and so on.

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Furthermore, it consists of 23 adjustment positions, and this has an implication for your comfort, and it can be used for different kinds of exercises. It is perhaps the best power racks on the market today. The product has the most essential features and here are some of these great features. 


The squat rack is affordable. The affordability does not mean that the rack is inferior to similar models out there. Instead of being inferior, it is regarded as the most solid of squat racks. Most users can afford the product, and you can easily install and use the product in your home. It is a user-friendly rack, and it can serve your workout purpose very well.


Most importantly the product is adjustable. It features at least 23 adjustable positions. This is to ensure that you get to a position that suits you. The adjustable positions also come with safety features. You would not find it hard to use it.


Safety is the most vital issue of this kind of product. Before you buy one, you must consider how safe it would be for you to use the model. It has essential safety features in place. Because of that, it is easy to use. You will use it with confidence. You do not worry about your safety. Every adjustment position has a safety guarantee. It is perhaps the most secure racks you can lay your hands on the market today. If you are looking for the most secured rack, this model is going to be your best choice.


The rack is the most solid power racks anyone can lay hands in the industry. It is the newest addition to the family, and because of that, it has more stable features than most other products before it. The design is to help weightlifters and even bodybuilders to achieve their aim. It features the most durable frame, and that is why you can use it for a long time without worry. Any money you spend on the product is worth it.

Easy to use

The rack is user-friendly, and it is not difficult to install and to use after installation. When it comes to installation, it comes with a useful guide that can assist you in the installation process. Besides, it is easy to use. You can also use the product with confidence. It is sturdily designed, and that is why it can handle up to 500 pounds with ease. Before you use it, it is necessary that you study the guides and learn how best to use it. The model remains one of the best, and when you order it, you would have real value for your money. It is recommended for those looking for the best.


Moreover, the product is good for a wide range of exercises. From the attachment positions provided, it is certain that it provides a wide range of exercises, which you can do without difficulties. It has everything you and that is why we are recommending it.


  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 47" x 45" x 83"
  • Machine Weight 107 lbs
  • Weight capacity 500lb
  • 14 gauge frame
  • 2" x 2" steel mainframe
  • 23 positions spread 3" apart
  • 2 adjustable lift bars


  • Easy to put together
  • Superior quality
  • Fits perfectly after assembly
  • A great budget rack
  • Helpful installation instructions
  • Perfect for home use


  • Problem with the safety feature
  • It wobbles a little after installation

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Final Verdict

These are the best squat rack you can buy with money. These are the top rated models on the market. They are multifunctional racks, and this means that you can do various forms of work out with the rack. Any of these racks would help you achieve your objectives, and they are highly recommended.

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