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Our team of experts have selected the Best Squat Rack under 500 dollar out of hundreds of models!

Are you looking for the best squat rack under 500 dollar? yet are short on cash? Worry not! You have come to the right place. We are here to assist you. Read this review and buying guide. It sheds more light on this theme.

Our Top Pick

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Valor Fitness BD-7

Editor Rating

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage with Optional Lat Pull-down Attachment and Adjustable Leg Hold-down, Power Cage Only

Fitness Reality 810XLT 

Editor Rating

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand, Multiple Colors

CAP Barbell  Rack

Editor Rating

If you are a heavy user, this is the rack of your choice. It is strong and tough indeed. This makes it suited to work the entire body. By using it, you enjoy better outcomes. Apart from this, it is also stronger.

Built-in Bar and Weight Storage

You will not have to store your weights separately. This equipment has a built-in storage compartment. It also makes access easier when needed. This allows for convenient storage. With it, you get to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Double-gusseted Uprights

It is equipped with some double-gusseted uprights. These form the skeleton of the structure. Further to that, they provide exceptional stability and security. They hold other tools and parts in place.

J-cup Catches

Some J-cup catches also exist in this rack. They hold the barbell safely. In so doing, they prevent injuries. You hence get to stay safer and alert always. What’s more? You reach out to the barbells easily when you need to.

11 &12-gauge Steel

Generally, the structure of the rack is tough indeed. This stems from the 11 &12 gauge steel materials. They withstand the most grueling of workouts. Also, they last longer than most other equipment. You spend less to care and maintain them.


  • Negate the need for a spotter
  • Exceeds various testing standards
  • Handles very heavy weights
  • Requires limited maintenance
  • Reputable and experienced brand
  • Available in many colors


  • Requires extensive muscle power
  • Inconvenient to carry around

Could you be huge, heavy and bulky? The rack you use has to be equally strong. That is because of the need to handle your weight. We suggest that you try this one out. It is more likely to meet this need well.

800-Pound Weight Capacity

It can accommodate 800 pounds of weight. This is because it is tough. Regardless of how heavy you are, you will find it great. You do not have to upgrade your machine always. This means it saves you some money.

Safety Bars

For your safety, this machine has some two safety bars. They protect you from falling off. They also shield you from injuries. You enjoy some peace of mind in the process. This adds to your confidence while exercising.

Multi-position Bars

You will vary the intensity of the workout. You will use the multi-position bars to do this. The bars are pull-up and chin-up. Improved intensity means better workout outcomes. It also brings about added conveniences.

Adjustable Heights

Apart from the intensity, this rack adjusts the heights. You will make use of some 19 adjustable options. Due to this feature, the rack accommodates different users. Yet again, it cares for your height as well.


  • Compatible with the 7-foot Olympic bars
  • Operates in multiple positions
  • Accommodates many other attachments
  • Pairs with other fitness equipment
  • Allows for 12 workout positions
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Requires added expertise
  • Not for the inexperienced person
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Intent on improving your strength and endurance? This is the rack to look up to. All factors considered, it performs well indeed. Further, it delivers the required outcomes with less effort. You badly want to give it a try.

Heavy-duty Construction

The rack has some heavy-duty construction. It features some 2-inch by 2-inch 12-gauge steel construction. This makes it resilient to the elements of deterioration. It also lets it handle heavier persons.

Rubber Base Caps

At each foot of the rack are some rubber base caps. These protect your floor primarily. They also add stability and make you safer. These happen by reducing the feelings of fidgeting.

27 Variable Positions

You can also adjust the workout positions. This happens at intervals of 27 variable positions. They stretch from 17.5 inches to 68 inches. Your workouts are more comfortable and effective courtesy of this.

Vibrant Numbering System

Setting it apart from the others is the vibrant numbering system. This lets you identify the variable positions easily. In so doing, it eliminates all ambiguities. The end result is that your workout is safer.


  • Firmer and tighter for use
  • Comprehensive enough and requires no other tools
  • Handles diverse kinds of users
  • Adjusts to accommodate different users
  • Stable and reliable throughout a workout
  • Highly versatile and great to utilize


  • Low weight capacity (350 pounds)
  • Unsuitable for home use

Are you a fitness enthusiast? You do not really have to enroll in a gym. Look for this tool. It can help you to work out from home. In particular, it aids weight lifters to handle their muscles. You cannot forfeit its convenience.

Great Adjustments

It has some 18 adjustment levels. These are spaced 3 inches apart. They allow you to build your endurance levels. You start low and work upwards progressively. This reduces fatigue or strains on your part. 


The equipment also has some lift-offs. These are tempered for added strength using heat. Unlike those of other equipment, the one for this is simpler. Additionally, they are safer and more effective in their outcomes.

Chin-Up Bar

Holding the lift-offs in place is the chin-up bar. This measures 41 inches in width and 1 inch in diameter. These dimensions are comfortable and truly reliable. They contribute to great support necessary for effective fitness.


  • Just the right size for your body’s fitness
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty
  • Impacts the entire body perfectly
  • Accompanied by some rods for your safety
  • Simplifies exercising and fitness matters
  • Performs numerous exercising cycles


  • Unsuitable for professional use
  • Yields less value for money

Wishing to improve your form? Search no further than this rack. By its sheer design and construction, the rack strengthens your muscles thoroughly. While at it, the rack does not at all hurt your muscles.

700-Pound Capacity

On the whole, it can accommodate 700 pounds of weight. It hence can handle truly heavy people. While at it, the rack remains steadfast. It hardly bends or breaks apart easily. You have no excuse not to use it.

1-inch Round Steel J-hooks

Some hooks exist to safeguard the attachments. They are round and are made of steel. The hooks are hence strong and reliable. Expect any attachments to be strong and reliable. Your support is hence well-taken care of.

Steel Tubes

At its core are some two steel tubes. They are of the T-2 Series and measure 2 inches by 2 inches each. The tubes offer firm support to the entire structure. Being strong, they negate any damages to the structure.

Excellent Chin-up Bar

It also lets you vary the resistance. This is made possible by the excellent chin-up bar. The bar measures 1 ¼ inches in diameter. It is hence strong and forms enough for your handling. With regards to this, count on it for your safety.


  • Delivers long-lasting durability
  • Works out for a longer duration
  • Simpler to install and set up for use
  • Easier to transport out and about
  • Can even mount in the basement of your home!
  • Tackles numerous exercises


  • Needs some expertise to handle
  • May injure you if you handle it recklessly

How To Find The Right Squat Rack For You

Mounting and Storage Space

First, consider how much space you have at your disposal. You will need this space to mount and store the equipment. The space you have has to be sufficient. This is to negate the possibility of unnecessary strains on your part. Just take the dimensions of your room. Compare it to those of the equipment you have in mind.

Desired Fitness Activity

Proceed to ascertain your desired fitness activity. What kind of lifting will you be doing? Different racks can perform different lifting exercises. Match the rack with the right exercises. Do this by comparing the various fitness equipment. This is to eliminate any inconveniences at all.

Determine your Budget

You do not want to strain while finding the right squat rack. That is why you must figure out how much you can spend. Thereafter compare the prices of the various racks on sale. Find the one that falls within your budget. Be sure it can perform your lifting plans. Also, it has to contain the great features of your choice.


Brands also matter greatly. Some brands stand out better than others. They are known to produce better racks. Examples are CAP, Fitness Reality, Valor, Titan and PowerLine. Do prioritize them as they are reputable. You are more likely to gain more from them.


These equipment are potentially injurious. They can easily harm you. This is especially if you handle them recklessly. You must hence factor their safety as well. Find one that is equipped with various safety features. Take good care of your feet, hands, and chest as they are the more vulnerable.

Ease of Loading

Using the right rack ought not to be too daunting. Also, you want one which is convenient for your skill level. To be sure of these two benefits, consider their ease of loading. Insist on those that are simpler to engage. Further, choose that one which falls within your skill level. 


Just what can the rack do? A good rack has to be able to handle numerous fitness activities. It should also pair and communicate with many accessories. You definitely want to enjoy higher returns on your investments. Invest some time to ascertain these pieces of information first and foremost.

Final Verdict

All factors considered, the CAP brand is the kind of all racks. This range of products is strong, very reliable, and richer in quality. You are more likely to yield greater outcomes by using it. If I were you, I would make it a topmost priority.

We, however, leave it to you to decide which is best for you. Just use the guidelines we have stipulated above to make your choice. If you are stuck you can always let us know. We will be glad to assist you as we care for your welfare.

When do you intend to buy your own? Have you found our information insightful? Who else do you intend to share the information with? Kindly let us know in the comments section here below. We wish you for the right squat rack! 

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