CAP Barbell Power Rack Review

Are you fat or heavy and would wish to cut your weight down and stay fit well? You require a power rack that is suitable for weightier persons of your caliber. The fitness equipment is designed to execute. we are here to know you about cap barbell power rack review and buyer guide.

It is purely made of the 11 and the 12-gauge steel materials. As such, it exudes some excellent strength which in turn grants you the strength and the stamina you require to do a good job.

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12-gauge Steel Tubing

Its skeleton comes in the form of a steel tubing. It has a gauge of 12 and is thus pretty strong. This skeleton provides support to the other parts of the power rack. Being reliable, it eliminates fidgeting and guarantees maximum stability. It is not to mention reduced deterioration rates.

The logic here is that 12-gauge steel is very reliable indeed. It hardly sustains the elements of wear and tear. The result is a seamless inconvenience in times of use. The arrangement allows for long-term, uninterrupted use.

Double-gusseted Uprights

Its uprights are double-gusseted. This strengthens them to make them better suited for the role of accommodating your body. As a result, it enables you to exercise with ease. Apart from that, the fitness equipment also lasts longer. That is because the gusset also lengthens the overall lifespan of the equipment.

Further to this, the gusset also confers exceptional stability and security. Chances of you sustaining injuries, fractures, or bone breakages are hence highly suppressed. Your use of this equipment is, therefore, a sure way of avoiding these problems. It is this trait that sets the rack apart from the weaker alternatives. 

Superior Finishing

Its exterior exudes some superior finishing indeed. That is because it comprises some durable powder-coated outer layer. The coating makes it pretty resilient to the common elements of adverse weather conditions. It also slows down corrosion and other agents of deterioration. The result is an elongated lifespan of the fitness equipment.

Also, the finishing adds some aesthetics to your room. It appears elegantly and is thus breathtaking to behold. Use this equipment to enhance the appearance of your room. Place it strategically where all may see it. You will also enjoy some added value for your money as a result of this. 

Built-in Bar and Weight Storage

In its interior are a bar and weight storage. You will not have to set aside some extra storage space. This arrangement means less space requirement. It also allows for easy transportation and storage of the equipment. At the same time, the cleanliness of this gadget also becomes a breeze.

That is due to the minimized clutter on your room. You can do exercise in a favorable time. The arrangement prevents the need to search throughout the room. Getting down to exercising is hence made an easy job. It also saves you plenty of time and money. 

J-cup Catches

The weights on the barbells do have the potential to inflict injuries on your body. You have to make every effort to contain them. The J-cup catches allow you to do this just well. They exist on this fitness equipment. Their role is to hold the barbell safely. It prevents the weights from falling off unnecessarily.

With this arrangement, you may exercise with much confidence. Also, your health and safety are well taken care of it. As such, you do not have to worry at all about any injuries. The costs of medical expenses are also severely reduced.


  • Assembled dimensions are 46" wide x 50" deep x 85"
  • The 11- and 12- gauge steel tubing
  • Weight capacity: 500lb (catches) and 750lb (pull up bar)
  • Double gusseted uprights
  • J-cup catches
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Industrial zinc hardware
  • Shipping Weight: 65 pound
  • 30 years in Market


  • Compact enough to fit any home environment
  • Negate the need for a spotter or gym instructor
  • Allows you to perform a variety of fitness activities
  • Finished by durable powder-coated painting
  • Available in numerous colors for your aesthetics
  • Takes up limited storage and installation space
  • Remarkable weight capacity which handles all kinds of users
  • Exudes excellent strength which is necessary for the topnotch performance
  • Withstands the most grueling workout
  • Trusted experience in the field of fitness for over 30 years


  • Requires some muscle power to handle effectively
  • Less affordable with higher costs
  • Pros 1


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Final Verdict

This equipment is truly reliable for intense workouts. It is also safe enough for your everyday use. Say no to all forms of injuries by placing your bet on it. Take advantage also of its overall structure and style. You will enjoy the benefit of time savings.

It shall prevent your hassles while engaging its parts and components. It might cost you much, but it lasts long indeed. At the same time, it also calls for negligible operational expenses. Get hold of it soonest possible! 

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