Fitness Reality Power Rack Review (810XLT)

Do you want to train for a sporting activity? Would you also wish to work out for longer? Try this equipment out if your answers were both in the affirmative. It is structured in such a way as to allow for repeated use. Here is the fitness reality power rack review and guide for you.
This stems from its sturdy construction. Moreover, it is also comprehensive in nature. It has all the relevant parts necessary for a workout. Your use of the equipment is hence a sure way of obtaining ultimate outcomes. 

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19 Adjustable Height Levels

You will enjoy the pleasure of adjusting its height levels. They also give rise to varying outcomes with each level. These weights allow for thorough issues. Its 19 different levels should choose them.

Each level comes with a different kind of weight. These levels let you choose the weight you desire. If you are weak or starting out, select the lighter weight. Upgrade continually until you are completely firm and strong. You will have the pleasure to use it for a longer duration. Lastly, you won't have to discard it in favor of a better model. 

Seamless Compatibility 

This equipment can also pair with various accessories. In particular, it is compatible with the 7-foot Olympic bars. This compatibility extends the range of its use. You also do not have to purchase new equipment now and then.

Just one is enough for your long-term use. You have to upgrade it now and then. The costs of acquisition and repair are hence suppressed. It is, therefore, cheaper to utilize in the long run. You will get some added peace of mind in the course of use. You have nothing to worry about as you work out your body. 

Excellent Grip Bars 

To provide you the traction, the equipment comes along with some grip bars. These are excellent indeed. Further to this, they are also multi-position. This means you can adjust their positions appropriately. Such adjustments suit your unique positions and fitness needs.

In the course of use, they provide you much comfort. You do not have to strain to have your way at all. The grips avoid some problems as well. Examples of them include the fractures and strains. They are essential for prolonged use. You will not strain or sustain too many discomforts in the process of workouts. 

800-Pound Weight Capacity

On the whole, the equipment accommodates a whopping 800 pounds. This is because it is stronger and more reliable. Regardless of how intense your workout could be, rest easy with this equipment. It indeed can and will give you the support you need. Also, its structure and stature remain intact for longer.

If you are obese or excessively overweight, this is the equipment of choice. Its great support is way very reliable. Additionally, you will not trip or fall off. The equipment will also stay in shape for a more extended period without breaking apart. This means more excellent value for money on your part. 

Optional Attachments

If you wish to attach some accessories, this equipment has you sorted out. It is highly versatile in nature and can thus accept many attachments like - landmine, weight plate holders, dip bars, and J-hooks. They extend the functionality of the equipment. This leads to higher returns on investments.

With this arrangement, you get to enjoy added conveniences. That is because you will not have to shuffle between equipment. Getting settled in a particular fitness activity is hence simplified. Your operational costs and expenses are also pushed down considerably. All the tools you require are incorporated into the equipment. 


  • One year limited warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 46.5 L x 35 W x 84.5” H
  • Product Weight 54 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 68.1 pounds
  • User height up to 6’4”
  • Weight Plate Capacity 270 lbs
  • 2” x 2” sturdy steel construction
  • Ball Bearing Pulley Systems
  • Two adjustable foam rollers
  • Leg Hold-down with Foam Rollers
  • 6.5” Long Weight Plate
  • One 39” lat bar
  • One 20” low row bar
  • High tensile nylon coated cable
  • Extra Space for Benches
  • Targeted Muscle Area: Total Body, Arms, Legs


  • Contains a large walk-in space to provide easy side-to-side movements
  • Has the ability to handle excellent weight capacity (800 pounds)
  • Adjustable to a whopping 19 height levels
  • Gives you a vast range of possible work-out positions
  • Its weight benches are adjustable at 12 different levels
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Gives off awesome fitness reality
  • Brings about excellent results
  • Greatly extends your fitness routines to well over 20 exercise options
  • Able to pair with numerous other fitness attachments


  • Calls for some assembly before use
  • Incomplete and lacking in some weight plates and Olympic bars


Q1: Can I bolt it to a concrete floor?

Q2: Is height top of the cage or the top of the pull-up bar?

Q3: Are the safety bars solid or hollow?

Final Verdict

This is your answer for regular exercising and training. Its tough nature and comprehensive scope make this a fitness reality power rack review. If you care for the costs of operations also, you want to make use of it. Given its compact size, it can fit the smallest spaces out there.

What are you waiting for? Drag not your feet to acquire it. Waiting for too long might lead to the loss of the attendant benefits. It is also wise of you to spread the news about it far and wide. You definitely want many others to enjoy its benefits too! 

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