Titan T3 Power Rack Review – Good / Expensive

This is another powerful and heavy-duty power rack you can install to achieve a perfect workout at home. The model is great, but unlike several other models, it does not feature several attachments. However, it has an edge over similar devices in terms of weight capacity.So we share with you the Titan T3 Power Rack Review.

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It is highly durable and consists of the best quality frame. Because of that, it is perfect for home use and considered viable for commercial use as well.


It is considered a heavy duty rack because of the sturdy construction. The rack was designed with the best 2 inches by 3 inches’ steel tubes. Each piece of steel material is heavyweight. This makes the construction to be stable.

Because of the sturdy construction, this rack can take up to 1000 lbs at one time. Some users revealed that it could take even more than that weight.The height of the rack after installation is about 7 feet. This means that you cannot use it in a room of fewer than 8 feet high.

 When the rack is fully assembled, it can take the space of 36” D by 42” W. This means a lot because it is suitable for different kinds of workout exercises that you want to do.Titan T3 Power Rack Review


The rack is quite stable. This is certain from the durable construction. The inside dimension of the product is put at 76 by 107cm. This is good as it has enough space and room for any exercise or workout that you want to carry out with the product.

It is not as lightweight as it weighs more than 280 lbs.This is another factor that makes it stable and solid for heavy users. The frame has several adjustment holes, and you can increase that depending on the exercise requirements and what you want to achieve.

When it comes to versatility, this model is quite versatile, and this makes it better than other brands out there.


The product comes with essential accessories and parts. It features a two pull up bars. In addition, it arrives with 2-J hooks as well as two spotter bars. Furthermore, it features 4 weight plate supports.Titan T3 Power Rack Review

Multipurpose use

Perhaps the most significant aspect of this product is the versatility. It is not limited to any one form of exercise. You can indeed use it for a wide range of exercises such as wide grip pulls ups, pull ups, as well as muscle pull-ups.

Apart from these, it is suitable for such other exercises like the one arm pull ups, behind head pull up, chin-ups, cliffhangers, around the world pull-ups, as well as the weighted pull-ups.

Some people also use the exercise rack for full grip chin ups, close grip chin-ups, one hand chin ups weighted chin-ups, as well as a hanging leg, raises and chest presses.

Furthermore, it is suitable for deadlifts, military presses, close grip chest presses, single arm chest presses, squats, calf raises and stand up leg curls. The fact remains that you can use this product for a wide range of exercises. The best thing about it is that you can do all these in your home. 


​​The product is pre-assembled as it arrives in two rectangular boxes. Assembling the system is not difficult. It has everything you require to speed up the process.

There is the instruction manual on the ground, which you can look and commence the installation process. Even a novice can install that system using the step by step manual for the installation.
Titan T3 Power Rack Review


When it comes to the issue of support, you will not find it hard to maintain the power rack. The reason is that it has essential guides and you can easily detect the fault and fix it without looking for outside help.

To ensure that the product works optimally, it is necessary that you carry out a periodic check to find out whether the joints and bolts are still intact. For your safety, you must ensure that it is always secured in a place. This is necessary to avoid any injury because of accidents.


  • six upright cage
  • 11 Gauge steel
  • 6" side hole spacing
  • 2 J-Hooks
  • Four weight plate holders
  • 1.25" pull up bar
  • 1,000 LB weight capacity


  • The product is extremely stable
  • It is solidly constructed
  • The rack is for multipurpose exercises
  • Safety is one hundred percent guaranteed
  • It features adjustments features to accommodate many users
  • The product is easy to assemble


  • There is the problem of upright length discrepancies
  • It can only take Olympic weight plates


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Final Verdict

If you have not any previous choice about specific power rack. You can try with Titan t2 power rack with 1000 Ib weight capacity , multi J-Hook and most versatile. 

Titan fitness is the most favorite brand for all budget friendly gym lover. T3 is also the most affordable, smart material , and longibility. You should not consider any alternative. Even you are mid level or gym expert.

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