If you are that kind of a fitness lover, who prefers working from home. You should pay attention to the valor fitness power rack review (BD-7). You need small fitness equipment. That is because the home environment is generally short on space. Only a foldable and smaller equipment may come to your rescue.

As you are about to note, this is the equipment of that kind. Apart from being smaller, it also comprises all the necessary parts and components. 

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Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Perfect Adjustments

Some perfect adjustments are present on this equipment. They allow you to adjust the positions on the equipment. They support the bars and are located 17.5-68 inches from the floor. These adjustments are easy to implement and make. That is because they call for minimal effort. These positions are 27 in number.

With these adjustments, you shall enjoy varying workout weights. That is because they are graded in terms of intensity and strength. This being the case, people of varying strengths and preferences will find it handy for their use. It is hence ideal for multipurpose use and applications. 

Peg Holes

It also does have some peg holes. Throughout they are stature and makeup. These peg holes hold the squat bar in place. Actually, they are pretty stable and reliable indeed. They can also contain the same amount of weight hindrance. They can hold 500 pounds reliably.

The use of this equipment also guarantees your safety. It means fewer worries and more confidence on your part. These two ingredients are necessary for proper working and fitness outcomes. What’s more? They also keep your safety in the best shape and form always. It leads to significantly reduced injuries on your part. 

4-plate Storage Pegs

Valor BD-7 also possesses some four-plate storage pegs. Each of them measures 8 inches. That is because they fasten the equipment firmly in place for storage. This fastening also makes it safer during the handling process. They expedite the storage of the fitness equipment.

That is because they minimize the fidgeting of the equipment. Some injuries like bruises, cuts, lacerations, and bleeding are severely reduced. The result is comfortable to use and handling. Again you have the pleasure of better comfort for your leveraging. This gives you some ultimate comfort and peace of mind. 

Adjustable Weight Bar Supports

Over and above reliable storage, this equipment is also adjustable. This arrangement means the ease of workouts. It also guarantees you some freedom to choose the desired intensity of fitness. Regardless of your preferences, you will find the equipment pretty handy. The adjustability is made possible by some four solid steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports.

These vary the intensity of the workout easily. That is because they slide smoothly along the upright of the equipment. By pushing gently, they negate the hassles that generally people confront in times of use. This means a safer and more convenient workout on your part. 

Weight Support :

• 500 pounds for the bar catchers outside of the cage
• 650 pounds for the bar catchers inside of the cage
• 800 pounds for the safety bars
• 250 pounds on the lat pull

17 Variable Positions

In its entirety, the equipment comprises some 17 variable positions. These provide some support to the bars. They range in height from around 17.5 to 68 inches. By doing so, you determine the intensity of your workout. This means you only work that intensity which is relevant to your skill level. You adjust these positions appropriately.

With this in mind, the machine is customizable to your desires and skill level. The likelihoods of injuries are hence significantly suppressed. Also, you get to work on your pace and prevent those issues which might generally cause you trouble and injuries.


  • Warranty: Frame ( 3 Years), Cable (2 Years), Hardware (1 Years)
  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 55 x 86 inches
  • Product Weight 180 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 182 pounds
  • 2″ x 2″ steel frame construction
  • Four 8″ plate storage pegs (holds up to 500 pounds)
  • Four solid steel adjustable-weight bar
  • Two solid steel squat safety bars
  • Foam-covered utility bar
  • 17 variable positions for the bar support with the height from 17.5” to 68”


  • Large and durable enough for proper handling
  • Provides great working space which is sufficient to accommodate the giant person
  • Easy to store courtesy of the four-plate storage pegs
  • Makes it easier to store the standard-size plates
  • Accommodates the Olympic plates with ease
  • Features the solid steel construction which is super strong
  • Possesses some knurled grips at either end for proper traction
  • Incorporates the lat pulldown station for working your hand muscles
  • All its crucial parts and components are adjustable for secure operations
  • Plate loading carriage expedites the fitness exercise while standing


  • Unsuitable for professional applications
  • Lacks some equally vital parts

Buying Guide

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Final Verdict

Here comes your answer for the home fitness program regime. As you have just noted, the equipment contains all the parts necessary for a great fitness outcome. It is also smaller and more compact in size. This arrangement allows for smooth handling and operations.

If you indeed are a home fitness-enthusiast, why not make good use of it? Look to no other equipment than it. Also, it is in your best interest to find it as soon as you possibly can with the valor fitness power rack review (BD-7) . 

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